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mall. renovations are underway from the lincoln memorial to the u.s. capitol. the capitol dome itself needs millions of dollars in repairs, but is there enough money? tom sherwood has more on that and a look at the progress so far. >> reporter: at the lincoln memorial, a $34 million, two-year restoration of the famous reflecting pool is nearly finished. what do you think when you look at it? >> takes my breath away. >> i'm very pleased with it. it is quite beautiful now. >> reporter: on the mall itself, millions of dollars in new grass, sidewalks, drainage and paths are going in. it's part of a major overhaul of the mall that should be completed and ready for the january 20th inaugural festivities but the iconic capitol dome is another story. it needs $61 million in repairs and it's not just a little leaky roof. how bad is it? >> 1300 cracks is very bad. so bad that the dome needs immediate attention. >> reporter: the leaks threaten the iron and stone structure, as well as priceless de detailing and art work. art work that draws millions of visitors every year. why isn't it fixed? dis
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)